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The Suburbs Unstaged

by Leandro Lucarella on 2010- 08- 21 22:03 (updated on 2010- 08- 21 23:04)
tagged arcade fire, en, live, music, terry gilliam, the suburbs, unstaged, video, youtube - with 0 comment(s)

You might already know about the new Arcade Fire album, The Suburbs.

Even when is a good album, I think is by far the less interesting / innovative / emotional from the band (at least from the musical point of view, I didn't payed much attention to the lyrics yet), but I still love their live performance, and I've came across the Unstaged series at the Madison Square Garden and directed by Terry Gilliam. The videos are available in YouTube in HD (many thanks to youtube-dl [*] that let me see the concert without suffering the f*cking Flash Player).

Here is Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains), my favourite song from the new album:


You can download all the videos in HD using youtube-dl with this small bash script:

for i in h0DpBOYzXcQ 5pp3olGyku0 TtbrY6QrgPw 7vS5crSXJ6k GGdyG_83nX4 \
      DSykB-j_2UQ Q2T-ZAharmY 0L6ZFhZVOx0 CLjrQ3cwzJ4 RdYyYFymH-Y \
      sVW9usMRgNE bjhAP3V1o0w Q7fRvPjKDLs N9WR_eK0Rac bhwdd_01Ots \
      0ozdCLrTrtA diK1tZOXgDk 0ozdCLrTrtA aXuymDSGCko MQvZ4N1RfS8 \
      siFsdInZqC0 MXJi5_yThNY
   youtube-dl -f 37 -t "$i"
[*]Tip: Download the files using the option -f 37 to get the HD version =)