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by Leandro Lucarella on 2011- 07- 23 22:48 (updated on 2011- 07- 23 22:48)
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Graffiti Markup Language is...

An universal, XML based, open file format designed to store graffiti motion data (x and y coordinates and time). The format is designed to maximize readability and ease of implementation, even for hobbyist programmers, artists and graffiti writers. Popular applications currently implementing GML include Graffiti Analysis and EyeWriter. Beyond storing data, a main goal of GML is to spark interest surrounding the importance (and fun) of open data and introduce open source collaborations to new communities. GML is intended to be a simple bridge between ink and code, promoting collaborations between graffiti writers and hackers.

An probably the funniest part:

GML is today’s new digital standard for tomorrow’s vandals.