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Declassified U.S. Nuclear Test Film #55

by Leandro Lucarella on 2012- 10- 09 10:11 (updated on 2012- 10- 09 13:11)
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I'm sorry, youtube related feature is too dangerous :P. This is a timeline of all the nuclear bombs dropped between 1945 and 1998. It starts slow, but don't worry, it will speed up to reach the 2000+ bombs dropped in that period, more than 50% by USA. Is funny they use "might have weapons of mass destruction" as an excuse to invade countries when they are by far the country that dropeed the most nuclear bombs. Maybe they dropped them all and now they have none :P

KLEE, automatically generating tests that achieve high coverage

by Leandro Lucarella on 2009- 10- 20 14:20 (updated on 2009- 10- 20 14:20)
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This is the abstract of the paper describing KLEE, a new LLVM sub-project announced with the upcoming 2.6 release:

We present a new symbolic execution tool, KLEE, capable of automatically generating tests that achieve high coverage on a diverse set of complex and environmentally-intensive programs. We used KLEE to thoroughly check all 89 stand-alone programs in the GNU COREUTILS utility suite, which form the core user-level environment installed on millions of Unix systems, and arguably are the single most heavily tested set of open-source programs in existence. KLEE-generated tests achieve high line coverage — on average over 90% per tool (median: over 94%) — and significantly beat the coverage of the developers' own hand-written test suites. When we did the same for 75 equivalent tools in the BUSYBOX embedded system suite, results were even better, including 100% coverage on 31 of them. We also used KLEE as a bug finding tool, applying it to 452 applications (over 430K total lines of code), where it found 56 serious bugs, including three in COREUTILS that had been missed for over 15 years. Finally, we used KLEE to cross-check purportedly identical BUSYBOX and COREUTILS utilities, finding functional correctness errors and a myriad of inconsistencies.

I have to try this...