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Trip-Hop's not Dead

by Leandro Lucarella on 2010- 01- 11 00:50 (updated on 2010- 01- 11 00:50)
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Two years ago, a new album from Portishead (Third) was released, after 10 years of silence; and Tricky released Knowle West Boy [*]. Now, we are about a month away from the release of a new Massive Attack album, after 7 years of silence (and exactly 7 years after 100th Window's release): Heligoland. Trip-hop is about quality, not quantity ;)

The new album has, as usual, have several collaborations (among others):

The album is already leaked, so if you are really eager to hear it, you can find it in the usual places...

[*]But he is probably the most active big artist in the Trip-Hop scene anyways, so it's not very surprising ;)