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CDGC merged into Tango

by Leandro Lucarella on 2011- 01- 28 22:49 (updated on 2011- 01- 28 22:49)
tagged cdgc, d, dgc, en, gc, merge, patch, tango - with 0 comment(s)

Yai! Finally my CDGC patches has been applied to Tango [1] [2] [3]. CDGC will not be the default Tango GC for now, because it needs some real testing first (and fixing a race when using weak references). So, please, please, do try it, is as simple as compiling from the sources adding a new option to bob: -g=cdgc and then manually installing Tango.

Please, don't forget to report any bugs or problems.


Merging DMD FE 1.055 in LDC

by Leandro Lucarella on 2010- 01- 07 01:09 (updated on 2010- 01- 07 01:09)
tagged 1.055, d, dmd, en, ldc, merge, patch - with 1 comment(s)

Motivated by a couple of long waited forward references bug fixes in the DMD front-end, I decided to experiment merging it into LDC.

The task wasn't so hard, just apply the patches, ignore changes to the back-end (mostly), resolve some conflicts and you're done!

Christian Kamm kindly helped me with a couple of doubts when resolving conflicts and I got commit access to the LDC repository in the way (thanks for the vote of confidence, even when LDC are very relaxed when giving commit access :).

However I found a changeset that was a little harder to merge: r251, which added support for appending dchar to a char[] (fixing bug 111, another long waited one). The problem was, 2 new runtime functions were added (_d_arrayappendcd and arrayappendwdarrayappendwd) but I didn't know how to tell the back-end about them.

Trying to compile Dil with the new LDC with the DMD 1.055 front-end, I discovered this change also added a regression. So I tried to fix those two issues before pushing my patches, but Christian told me I should push them first and fix the problems later. I really prefer the other way around, but I won't tell the LDC developers how to run the project :), so I did it [*].

Christian disabled the new feature later because Tango is still lacking the new runtime functions, so LDC can't do much about them yet. I filled a bug so this issue don't get lost.

I would be nice to have some feedback if you try the new merged front-end in LDC :)

[*]I'm sorry about the lame commit messages including the diffstat output, but I did the work using git and then exported the patches to mercurial and I didn't realize the import tool didn't remove the diffstat output.

DMD frontend 1.051 merged in LDC

by Leandro Lucarella on 2009- 11- 07 18:08 (updated on 2009- 11- 07 18:08)
tagged compiler, d, dmd, en, ldc, merge, software - with 0 comment(s)

After 5 or 6 DMD versions with important regressions, LDC has just been updated to DMD's frontend 1.051. This brings a lot of bug fixes to the LDC world (DStress results are looking good! ;).

Lots of thanks to LDC guy for merging the new frontend =)