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What every programmer should know about memory

by Leandro Lucarella on 2010- 06- 01 23:53 (updated on 2010- 06- 01 23:53)
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This LWN large article looks like a very interesting read (specially for people like me that have a very vague idea about modern memory systems):

Ulrich Drepper recently approached us asking if we would be interested in publishing a lengthy document he had written on how memory and software interact. We did not have to look at the text for long to realize that it would be of interest to many LWN readers. Memory usage is often the determining factor in how software performs, but good information on how to avoid memory bottlenecks is hard to find. This series of articles should change that situation.

The original document prints out at over 100 pages. We will be splitting it into about seven segments, each run 1-2 weeks after its predecessor. Once the entire series is out, Ulrich will be releasing the full text.

The full paper in PDF format is also available.