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Anti-love song

by Leandro Lucarella on 2009- 10- 17 04:01 (updated on 2009- 10- 17 04:01)
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I always found fascinating the mixture of beauty and terror that The Beautiful South is capable of =P

For instance, read the lyrics from Something That You Said from the album 0898 Beautiful South. Here are some fragments of the lyrics:

The perfect love song it has no words it only has death threats
And you can tell a classic ballad by how threatening it gets
So if you walk into your house and she's cutting up your mother
She's only trying to tell you that she loves you like no other
No other, she loves you like no other.
The perfect love has no emotions, it only harbours doubt
And if she fears your intentions she will cut you out
So do not raise your voice and do not shake your fist
Just pass her the carving knife, if that's what she insists
The perfect kiss is dry as sand and doesn't take your breath
The perfect kiss is with the boy that you've just stabbed to death

But please, go and read the full lyrics first.

Now try to picture how this song would sound like (if you don't already know it, of course =). You might think it will sound like a creepy death metal band, but no. You can hear 30 seconds of the song at to know how it really sounds.

The song is awfully peaceful, and the voice is Briana Corrigan is incredibly beautiful. But what it makes this a great song for me is the contrast between music and lyrics. They have plenty of songs using this resource and a lot of irony (for example, the more popular Song For Whoever).

For those who don't know anything about this band, it was formed by two ex-members of The Housemartins (I hope you know them =).