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The attack of the killer app

by Leandro Lucarella on 2010- 07- 22 21:08 (updated on 2010- 07- 22 21:08)
tagged en, futurama, humor, the attack of the killer app, tv, video, youtube - with 0 comment(s)

The attack of the killer app (6ACV03) is one of the best and geekest episodes of Futurama I've ever seen.

Making fun of iPhone and Twitter is really easy, and done everywhere now days, but Futurama does it in another level, in a level only geeks can enjoy that much. One clear example (leaving aside the title of the episode) is this little jewel:

Fry: Since when is the Internet about robbing people of their privacy?

Bender: August 6th, 1991.

Referencing the announcement of the creation of the WorldWideWeb.