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by Leandro Lucarella on 2010- 05- 18 15:11 (updated on 2010- 05- 18 15:11)
tagged en, flattr, humor, micropayment, peter sunde, the pirate bay, tpb - with 0 comment(s)

After a couple of days of downtime, TPB sais:

OTOH, one of the creators launched, a couple of months ago, Flattr (from Wikipedia):

Flattr is a project started by Peter Sunde and Linus Olsson. Users will be able to pay a small monthly amount and then click buttons on sites to share out the money they paid in among those sites, sort of like an Internet tip jar. The minimum users will have to pay is 2 euros. Sunde said, "the money you pay each month will be spread evenly among the buttons you click in a month. We want to encourage people to share money as well as content."

In the beginning of the service Flattr itself will take a 10% of all the users monthly flatrate. It's currently in a closed beta but users can sign up for a beta invite code on their own site.

Let's see how it goes...