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10 delirious songs with strange vocals

by Leandro Lucarella on 2011- 07- 06 03:38 (updated on 2011- 07- 06 03:38)
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10 canciones delirantes con voces extrañas

[Grooveshark murió y con él esta lista]

10 songs of...

by Leandro Lucarella on 2011- 05- 23 22:40 (updated on 2011- 05- 23 22:40)
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New section, let's see for how long I can keep this up =)

The idea is to make a compilation of 10 songs of (somehow) unknown music (and/or bands) picking up a theme. At first I'll try to pick only local (Argentinian) bands, but maybe in the future I can go more global.

This time, the theme is songs that have, in one way or another, some native rhythm.

[Groveshark died, and with it this list]