D Concurrent Garbage Collector (CDGC)

My thesis project was about improving the D Programming Language garbage collector. Here you can find some information about my research on new techniques for the D garbage collector. Most of my progress was posted as blog posts in my blog (you can see the posts in chronological order).

I have a page where I kept track of interesting papers I read (or I want to read). If you know of any papers you think I would be interested in, I’ll appreciate if you can drop me an e-mail.

I’ve been lurking (and sometimes posting ;) to the D newsgroups for quite some time now (I think since 2005). In that time I collected some interesting GC-related posts ideas and links. Please let me know too if you think I omitted something relevant :).

You can download my thesis (printer-friendly version also available) and the presentation slides (extended version also available). Unfortunately both are only available in Spanish.

And here are my Git repositories with code and commit messages in English:

  • CDGC: The collector itself.

  • dgcbench: The benchmarks used to test the performance of the collector.

These other repositories are in in Spanish:

You can download too a CD image with all the code and binaries ready to be tested (also available as a tar archive. Instructions are included (in Spanish, but it’s generally enough to write make to build the sources).

Finally, you can find an experimental D2 druntime branch using the CDGC garbage collector, and a bug report with patches for inclusion of CDGC in Tango (which are already merged).