Leandro Matías Lucarella


luca@llucax.com | https://llucax.com/




llucax / leandro-lucarella-sociomantic


Berlin, Germany


Argentine / Italian






Versatile developer with focus on scalable distributed systems programming, library development and development tools in both low-level system programming languages and scripting high-level languages.

Quality-oriented technical lead but aware of stakeholder’s and business’ needs. Able to balance good practices with business requirements; focus on keeping systems as simple as possible, but as complex as needed.

Proactive self-taught, able to work on own motivation or as part of both small or big teams, specially using Open Source development methodologies and tools.


  • Languages: Python, D, C/C++, Dart: advanced. Rust & Go: read the books, not much practical experience yet, but very interested (Rust specially).

  • Concurrent and network programming, high-performance distributed systems, micro-services programming and design/architecture.

  • Build and test automation (GitHub Actions, GitLab CI, Jenkins, Travis).

  • Shell scripting and Linux system administration.

  • Training and mentoring people (programming and technical topics).

  • Technical projects and release management (focus on Open Source workflows).



The Podcast App (2021-):

Working as a contractor to migrate the backend from a monolith using an old Django version to a new micro-services architecture using Flask+Peewee and deployed via Kubernetes. Also helping to improve the development processes and the backend performance and scalability in general.

Hiatus (2020):

Taking some time off after more than 20 years. Experimenting with personal projects and learning stuff that I wasn’t able to at work. Learned Rust and Dart/Flutter by developing two projects: noclick.me (link expansion service, Rust + Flutter) and Lunofono (media player app for kids, Flutter).

QuoScient GmbH [Software Engineer] (2019-2020):

Doing Python development on QuoLab, a distributed security platform.

dunnhumby Germany GmbH [Lead Engineer - Technical Lead] (2018-2019):

Continued Technical Lead role after acquisition of Sociomantic adding management of integration topics. Moving from GitHub to GitLab.

Sociomantic Labs GmbH [Technical Development Lead] (2013-2018):

Technical leading for the backend team of (grown from ~5 to ~30 distributed in 5 sub-teams). Managing of development infrastructure (testing, CI, Debian repos, Docker images, etc.). Design and architecture. Setting processes for development, testing, releasing and deployment. Proposal, kick-off and managing the open sourcing programme (sociomantic-tsunami). Migration from D1 to D2.

Sociomantic Labs GmbH [Software Developer] (2011-2013):

Development of a high performance, distributed real-time bidding platform (in particular involved with the recommendation system and in-house database engines (DHT, DLS, DMQ). Migration from Subversion to Git (GitHub) introducing peer reviewing. Linux server tuning for high load situations.

Freelance independent professional (2011):

Mostly web development in LAMP / Python.

Integratech S.A. (2006-2011):

Development and maintenance of a monolithic (carrier grade) softswitch (H.248 in particular) in C++. Design and development of a new modular and distributed version of the softswitch.

Facultad de Ingeniería, Universidad de Buenos Aires (2004-2009):

Assistant teacher, teaching programming topics covering C, C++, POSIX threads, BSD sockets and GTK+ GUI and more.

My Way (2004):

LAMP web development and some Linux system administration.

Ministerio de Economía Internship (2001-2004):

LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) web development and some Linux sysadmin.


Colegio Nacional de Buenos Aires, Argentina (1992-1997):

Secondary school diploma, specialized in science, technology and design.

Facultad de Ingeniería, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina (1998-2010):

Informatics Engineering. Thesis: Concurrent garbage collection for the D programming language.