Leandro Matías Lucarella

Location:Berlin, Germany
Nationality:Argentine with Italian citizenship


Versatile developer with a wide range of application coverage (from base library and system programming in low-level languages to graphic and web applications in high-level languages; enjoying the most working in the former).

Proactive self-taught, able to work on own motivation or as part of both small or big teams, specially using FLOSS (Free Libre Open Source Software) development methodologies and tools. Good skills and interest in working on distributed and concurrent systems design and implementation.


  • Programming languages theory with deep practical knowledge of modern C++, C and Python.
  • Concurrent and network programming, including POSIX threads, BSD sockets, TCP/IP and TIPC (Transparent Inter Process Communication) experience.
  • VoIP knowledge (specially H.248).
  • Object-oriented design and programming.
  • Shell scripting and Linux system administration and performance tunning.
  • Training people on programming topics.


  • Founding and actual member of LUGFI (2002) and LUGMEN (1998) Linux/FLOSS users groups, making several conferences.
  • Publication of several articles on the web (1999-2005). Two of them were published on Linux Free Magazine, year 1, number 1 (2003).
  • Several collaborations to popular FLOSS projects including (but not limited to):
    • Linux (2001) [C]: Bugfix in bttv module for Leadtek WinView 601 TV card.
    • LIRC (2002) [C]: Debug of lirc_gpio module.
    • xmi2code (2003) [C++]: Added PHP support and other minor features.
    • dia2code (2003) [C]: Added PHP support.
    • SQLObject (2006-2007) [Python]: Minor features and bugfixes.
    • TurboGears (2006) [Python]: Minor features and bugfixes.
    • Gnomad2 (2005) [C]: Minor GUI improvements.
    • DMD (2008-now) [C++/D]: Minor improvements to the compiler and runtime.
  • Creation of several small/medium sized FLOSS projects as part of a team:
    • Hooks framework for LUGFI and LUGMEN websites (1999-2004) [PHP, Apache, MySQL]: Development and maintenance of both websites (programming and sysadmin).
    • Etherled (2005) [C, ASM]: A remote controlled, programmable stroboscopic image projector device using a 8051-family micro-controller, including an ISA NE2000 compatible network adapter driver and a small, custom IP/UDP stack.
    • Sercom (2004-2009) [Python, SQL]: An automated compilation and testing system for programs written in C/C++, including a security-aware backend process to compile and test in a sandbox.
    • Pymin (2007) [Python]: A Linux router administration tool based on a daemon server with client/server infrastructure.
    • eventxx (2007) [C++]: A thin C++ wrapper for libevent.
    • ev.d (2008) [D]: A thin D wrapper for libev.
    • mutest (2008) [C, C++, Python]: A simple micro unit testing framework for C and C++.


Freelance independent professional (1997-date):
Later works include small websites development and the backend deamon (written in Python) for a Linux router administration application.
Ministerio de Economía Internship (2001-2004):
LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) web development and some Linux system administration.
My Way (2004):
LAMP web development and some Linux system administration.
Facultad de Ingeniería, Universidad de Buenos Aires (2004-2009):
Assistant teacher, teaching programming topics covering C, C++, POSIX threads, BSD sockets and GTK+ GUI and more.
Integratech S.A. (2006-2011):
Development and maintenance of a monolithic (carrier grade) softswitch (H.248 in particular). Design and development of a new modular and distributed version of the softswitch.
sociomantic labs GmbH (2011-date):
Development of a high performance, distributed real-time bidding platform. Linux server tunning for high load situations.


Colegio Nacional de Buenos Aires, Argentina (1992-1997):
Secondary school diploma, specialized in science, technology and design.
Facultad de Ingeniería, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina (1998-2010):
Informatics Engineering. Thesis: Garbage collection in the D programming language.