Leandro Matías Lucarella

Location:Berlin, Germany
Nationality:Argentine / Italian
GitHub User:llucax / leandro-lucarella-sociomantic


Versatile developer with focus system and network programming, library development, developer tooling in both low-level system programming languages and scripting high-level languages.

Quality-oriented technical lead, but aware of stakeholder’s and business’ needs. Able to balance good practices with business requirements; focus on keeping systems as simple as possible, but as complex as needed.

Proactive self-taught, able to work on own motivation or as part of both small or big teams, specially using FLOSS (Free Libre Open Source Software) development methodologies and tools.


  • Programming languages: deep practical knowledge of D, Python, Bash, Make; C/C++ too, but it’s a bit rusty. Interest in Go and Rust.
  • Concurrent and network programming, including POSIX threads, BSD sockets, TCP/IP and TIPC experience.
  • Test automation (touching several systems, including Jenkins and Travis, and using Docker for isolation and reproduceability).
  • Multi-paradigm design and programming.
  • Shell scripting and Linux system administration and performance tuning (focus on Debian based distros).
  • Training people on programming and technical topics.
  • Open source projects management.


  • Founding of two Linux user groups, LUGFI (2002) and LUGMEN (1998), making several conferences.
  • Publication of several articles on the web (1999-2005). Two of them were published on Linux Free Magazine, year 1, number 1 (2003).
  • Several collaborations to popular FLOSS projects including (but not limited to): Linux (2001, C, bugfix in bttv module), xmi2code (2003, C++, PHP support, features and maintainership), dia2code (2003, C, PHP support), SQLObject (2006-2007, Python, features and bugfixes), TurboGears (2006, Python, features and bugfixes), Gnomad2 (2005, C, GUI improvements), DMD (2008-, C++/D, improvements to the compiler and runtime).
  • Creation of several small/medium sized FLOSS projects: Etherled (2005, C/ASM, remote controlled, programmable stroboscopic image projector device using a 8051-family micro-controller, including an ISA NE2000 compatible network adapter driver and a small, custom IP/UDP stack), Sercom (2004-2009, Python/SQL, automated compilation and testing system for programs written in C/C++, including a security-aware backend process to compile and test in a sandbox), Pymin (2007, Python, Linux router administration tool based on a daemon server with client/server infrastructure), eventxx (2007, C++, thin C++ wrapper for libevent), ev.d (2008, D, thin D wrapper for libev), mutest (2008, C/C++/Python, simple micro unit testing framework for C and C++), git-hub (2013-, Python, Git command line interface to GitHub), makd (2016-, Shell/Python/Make, Make library/framework to build D projects), beaver (2017-, Shell, shared Travis scripts to be used to reduce CI boilerplate), Management, contribution and.or reviewing of several other projects of the sociomantic-tsunami organization.
  • Presented a talk (Concurrent Garbage Collection for D) at DConf13 and gave a Keynote at DConf16.


dunnhumby Germany GmbH [Lead Engineer - Technical Lead] (2018-2019):
Continued Technical Lead role after acquisition of Sociomantic adding management of integration topics. Moving from GitHub to GitLab.
Sociomantic Labs GmbH [Technical Development Lead] (2013-2018):
Technical support for a team of ~30 (grown from ~5). Development of tools for developers. Managing of development infrastructure (testing, Debian repositories, Docker images, etc.) and setting processes for development, testing, releasing and deployment for a team of ~60 (grown from ~10). Managing the open sourcing programme (sociomantic-tsunami). Migration from D1 to D2.
Sociomantic Labs GmbH [Software Developer] (2011-2013):
Development of a high performance, distributed real-time bidding platform (in particular involved with the recommendation system and in-house database engines (DHT, DLS, DMQ). Migration from Subversion to Git (GitHub) introducing peer review. Linux server tuning for high load situations.
Freelance independent professional (1997-2011):
Mostly small websites development and the backend daemon (written in Python) for a Linux router administration application.
Integratech S.A. (2006-2011):
Development and maintenance of a monolithic (carrier grade) softswitch (H.248 in particular). Design and development of a new modular and distributed version of the softswitch.
Facultad de Ingeniería, Universidad de Buenos Aires (2004-2009):
Assistant teacher, teaching programming topics covering C, C++, POSIX threads, BSD sockets and GTK+ GUI and more.
My Way (2004):
LAMP web development and some Linux system administration.
Ministerio de Economía Internship (2001-2004):
LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) web development and some Linux system administration.


Colegio Nacional de Buenos Aires, Argentina (1992-1997):
Secondary school diploma, specialized in science, technology and design.
Facultad de Ingeniería, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina (1998-2010):
Informatics Engineering. Thesis: Garbage collection in the D programming language.